Updated speed sign and speed zone data

Spatial datasets showing the location of every speed sign and speed zone across Victoria.

Tuesday, 27 June 2023 at 4:11 am
Melbourne metropolitan
Electronic road speed sign

The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) has recently updated the speed sign and speed zone datasets. These spatial datasets now have the latest information up to June 2023.

The datasets are:

Speed sign data includes attributes such as:

  • road name
  • sign size
  • type
  • speed value
  • bearing
  • direction.

Speed zone data contains the:

  • speed limit value
  • road name
  • other supporting location attributes.

This update will support many existing open data users including government agencies, councils, research institutions, and businesses. DTP is continuing to show improvements to existing datasets and release new open data in line with State Governments Open Data policy and objectives.