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what is

Data.Vic is the place to discover and access Victorian government open data

You will find data that Victorian government departments and agencies have opened and made available to the public.  

You can use it anyway you like build apps and tools, use it for research, gain insights and understanding.

GovHack 2017

This weekend about a thousand people all over the country will spend their weekend at GovHack. They will come together to push the boundaries of the intersection between government, technology, and the civic imagination. They do this so that we can imagine alternative ways to tackle social, political and economic problems.

The GovHack weekend is an exciting time and continues to embrace the spirit of open data in all aspects of its operations and is committed to building new data sharing initiatives enabled by a new legislative environment which is focused on removing the barriers to sharing.

The challenges that we've put together reflect an appetite for new ideas and you'll notice an emphasis on well thought out problem spaces. We encourage you to tease out the detail in the chal