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  • VCAT decisions

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 1 April 2017
    Access to published VCAT cases so a more effective and efficient tool can be developed to search them.
    Data owner:
  • Machine readable tram performance data

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 30 March 2017
    Tram performance data on the yarra trams website is not published in a machine readable format. This makes it difficult to do any kind of analysis on trends in performance.
    Data owner:
    Public Transport Victoria
  • water quality data

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 21 March 2017
    Water quality data collated from the EPA and Melbourne water into a single file
    Data owner:
  • Planning Permit Data

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 16 March 2017
    Planning permit data is collated by the state government through the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS). It would be great if this data was avaialble publicly for commercial use. We have requested the data through the PPARS program however have not received it. We were hoping data.vic could unlock the data. It would be incredibly powerful for everyone. Michael
    Data owner:
    Victorian Building Authority
  • Scats Detector locations

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 9 March 2017
    I am looking for a shape file or a data source with the lat and long for the detector locations for the Scats locations.
    Data owner:
  • Email addresses for Victorian Government schools

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 7 March 2017
    Hello, Independent Schools Victoria is hosting the Arts Learning Festival 3-7 May 2017. We are inviting all schools from all sectors, and we would like to be able to tell Government schools via email about the festival activities that might interest them. Kind regards, Shane Green
    Data owner:
    Department of Education and Training
  • Victoria Police PSA boundaries and FTE numbers

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 2 March 2017
    Currently Victoria police has published geospatial data on police station locations but not the precise boundaries of the Police Service Areas. VicPol also publishes Employees by location in PDF format but not as an excel dataset. Crime statistics are published in an accessible format but not law enforcement data. Having this data would make it easier to collate statistics like Police FTE per capital at an LGA level.
    Data owner:
    Victoria Police
  • Fire causation and location across Vic ( CFA, MFB, DELWP)

    Closed SUGGESTED 15 February 2017
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • Surface rockiness

    Closed SUGGESTED 13 February 2017
    Hello, I have been browsing to find a SHP that shows rocky surface land cover for Melbourne area. I have found such a dataset for SA but not in Vic. I am running a Land Capability Analysis and my case study is in Whittlesea, north of Melbourne that shows a particular problem with rock cover for crop cultivation. If I could have some help with such a dataset would be life saving. Thank you for considering my request. Regards Ana Spataru
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • Ambulance Victoria Crash statistics

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 13 February 2017
    Looking for detailed crash stats from Ambulance Victoria. The VicRoads crashstats is based on VicPol data which has significant limitations particularly in regards to pedestrians and cyclists. We are looking for detailed geolocated data similar to VicRoads crashstats but using Ambulance Victoria's data-set as its base.
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