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  • VicRoads registration check data

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 20 September 2017
    I am interested in an API for the data that is returned on VicRoads website when doing a registration check If this data was available through an API it would make possible the development of mobile / web applications to aid in the checkin of vehicles for the automotive service industry. Being able to obtain make and model information from the registration number would speed up the checkin process and knowing the registration status protects repairers from unknowingly driving an unregistered vehicle.
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  • Request for vehicle registration data

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 7 September 2017
    Hi Department, I am founder of platform called Check IT First, the central platform to report lost/stolen items to fight against crime of stolen items being sold and community ripped. I would like to build a mobile app, which can help community to check vehicle registration quickly by entering the number or using camera to read it and quickly identify if the vehicle is reported stolen or incorrect number plate being installed on vehicle. This is to fight against the growing crime of car jacking and number plates being stolen. Looking forward to hear from you. Junaid Masood Director - MTD Solutions
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  • Activity description listing

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 7 September 2017
    I am able to access reports from the SAMS Funded Agency Channel listing all our funding by Service Plan and Activity. I have found another report that shows an output group in conjunction with Service Plan and Activity but it is in pdf format. I would like all the possible Activity numbers in an Excel format with their Service Plan and this new Output category. This would be useful for reporting as Service Plan is too broad and Activity is too specific.
    Data owner:
    Department of Health and Human Resources
  • location of registered pharmacies

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 5 September 2017
    I have contacted the Victorian Pharmacy Authority who maintain and update the Register of Pharmacies in Victoria. The Authority can only provide a spreadsheet but does not have a mapbase to display where the registered pharmacies are located. In the various applications, to VPA and/or the Federal Government body, for new or relocated pharmacies there is often a requirement to demonstrate where the nearest existing pharmaciesare relative the proposed pharmacy. I believe the industry and the community would benefit from this basic dataset. I have attached the following extract from the VPA website: " The Victorian Pharmacy Authority is established under the Pharmacy Regulation Act 2010 (the Act) and is the successor in law to the Pharmacy Board of Victoria. It is responsible for administration of the Act which provides for the regulation of pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments and pharmacy depots. The Authority The Authority consists of six members nominated by the Minister for Health and appointed by the Governor in Council. Our Function The Authority has the following functions: (a) to license a person to carry on a pharmacy business or a pharmacy department; (b) to register the premises of a pharmacy business, pharmacy department or pharmacy depot; (c) to issue standards in relation to the operation of pharmacies, pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments and pharmacy depots; (d) to advise the Minister on any matters relating to its functions; (e) when so requested by the Minister, to give to the Minister any information reasonably required by the Minister; (f) to keep a public register; (g) any other function conferred on the Authority by or under the Act or any other Act. Assisting Pharmacists The Authority will provide information for licensees and pharmacists practising in registered premises to assist them in their practice and compliance with legislation.
    Data owner:
    Department of Health and Human Services
  • Pet microchip registration data for Victoria

    Closed SUGGESTED 28 August 2017
    Hi there, my name is Shaun Eislers and I am a co founder of a pet services and products marketplace. I wanted to reach out as I was hoping to understand whether it is possible to access the database for anonymised pet microchip data? The reason for my note is that we are currently investigating sources to inform data insights for our customers - for instance store planning, pet product insights etc. Would it be possible to add this request to the suggestion database? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Shaun Eislers
    Data owner:
    Collected by Local Government Bodies
  • Water usage in Melbourne - postcode wise - years 2014 to 2017

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 4 August 2017
    Looking for datasets for water usage in Melbourne for years from 2014 to 2017, post code wise.
    Data owner:
    Melbourne Water
  • Upcoming fireworks displays

    Closed SUGGESTED 21 July 2017
    Data about when upcoming fireworks displays are happening would be useful for pet owners or families with young children so they can be aware of the displays that can sometimes cause distress. It would also be handy for people who are interested in fireworks displays and want to make the effort to see it. Queensland has made this data available here
    Data owner:
    Local Government Bodies
  • All registered childcare and preschools

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 21 July 2017
    A list of all registered childcare and preschools within Victoria, including license capacity, type (e.g. local government, private), address, lat/long coord - similar to the school locations dataset
    Data owner:
    Department of Education and Training
  • Victorian Soil Information System (VSIS)

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 19 July 2017
    The VSIS data is requested to add to existing data portals (research / community) such as the Corangamite Soil Health Knowledge Base, the Corangamite Natural Resources Planning Portal and the Online Farm Trials portal. If it can be provided as a web service (e.g. WFS / ANZSoilML) that would be fantastic, but we would be happy just to see it exposed in any format.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • dwelling GIS data points

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 13 July 2017
    Although the data exists, there appears to be no authoritative SPATIAL dataset of dwellings in any given area. This information is crucial to emergency management planning, in particular where dwellings exists but cannot be easily identified by address point data and aerial imagery. Note: Address point data is a far too crude assessment of dwellings - particularly for the Wellington Shire, within which I work.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning