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  • Pulse VIC

    Vlado Grancaric30 July 2015

    Company: MeWe Digital Accessing public transport information doesn't need to be confusing, take multiple apps or look complicated. Pulse VIC combines the latest timetables for Trains, Trams and Busses through all of Victoria and lets you save all of the trips you normally take for quick and convent access. Pulse VIC Features Include: - The up-to-date and accurate departure times for your trains, v-line, trams and buses - The 'next 5' departure times - so you can plan ahead - Favourite your trips to add them to the "Today" Extension and access departure times straight from your lock screen - Swipe between your trips or list and re-order them - organise the trips you take in the order you take them - Customise - change the background of your trip screen to personalise each trip make it even easier to find - Apple Watch App to view your favourite trips and when the next 5 departures are. - Disruption data - Realtime data for trams and Buses where available - Apple Watch glance About MeWe Digital We specialise in mobile and wearable application development. Our passion is creating useful solutions to modern day problems using modern technology – making people's lives just that little bit easier. If you have an idea you want us to help you explore get in touch.

  • MelbournePT

    Dennis Weaver28 May 2015

    MelbournePT is designed for all iOS devices to give you access to the timetable information you need, when you need it. Simple and Fast. Our app covers all Metro Trains, Yarra Trams, V/Line, Local Bus and Nightrider services for all of Victoria. Apple Watch support coming very soon

  • Crime by Local Government Area and Offence Type, Victoria 2014 - Data Visualisation

    Yuri Zhylyuk14 May 2015

    What does this app do? This web application visualises number of crime offences by geographic area (VIC, Australia) and offence type, year ending December 2014. The original data used in this app can be downloaded from web site. How to use this app? The Application renders data as a multidimensional visualisation. All charts, including Crime Map are inter-connected and interactive, so you should be able to narrow down data to a subset of your interest within just a few mouse clicks. You can switch between Actual Offence Numbers and Crime Rate data views / measurements in the navigation bar. Crime Rate is calculated as a number of offences per 100,000 of population.

  • Go Melbourne Train Timetable

    Aidan Steele 09 January 2015

    Company: Glass Echidna Dataset used: PTV API Timeframe from data set to development: Roughly one month working on it sporadically. Product: GO is a simple app available on Apple iTunes and Google Play to let people in Melbourne know when their next train is leaving. Who can use it? Victorian train users travelling from the same point A to point B each day. What does it do? GO features: • The latest departure and arrival times • The next departure time as a "Today" extension • Swipe up to see a more detailed timetable • On opening the app, the users GPS location sets the closest saved route • Background colour changes based upon the time remaining The app has a number of intuitive features such as anticipating which trip you’re likely to take based on your current location. It can also work offline so there is no need for the user to use their mobile data (except when updating timetables). A recent update also allows users to see when the next train is coming without having to unlock their phone. What users say: Great app and simple interface – David The android app works really nicely - Fiona Nice app. Clean and simple to use – James What Aidan says: It was quite lucky actually – I had been thinking about creating an app of some kind and was browsing and found that the PTV API had just been released. The data was simple to use, once I accommodated for it being released as a Word document. The data was excellent and making the app was quite straightforward. What does the future hold for Go and for Glass Echidna? Aidan is continuing to look for new opportunities for using Victorian Government data. He is also hoping to expand and improve on certain features within the GO app based on user feedback such as train platform information. About Glass Echidna Glass Echidna is a boutique Melbourne-based software development house and IT consultancy which creates intuitive and engaging software.

  • GIS-on-a-Stick

    Simon O’Keefe11 October 2014

    Company: Groundtruth. Product: GIS-on-a-Stick, the "geospatial toolkit to go", is a USB flash drive using open source software and Vicmap data to provide a solid foundation for real world GIS projects. Dataset used: Vicmap data from the Department Environment and Primary Industries. Timeframe from data set to proof of concept: It took six weeks for Groundtruth’s work experience student, Janahan Karunaharan (graduated Geomatics at RMIT University) to turn the raw data into a proof of concept. Who will use it? Organisations or individuals starting a GIS project specific to Victoria. What does it do? GIS-on-a-Stick is a portable and transferable drive which contains QGIS software and Vicmap data - such as detailed maps, planning, transport and property details of Victoria - in a self-contained spatial database. These large data sets have undergone sourcing, importing, categorising, filtering, optimising, zoom-layering and styling. This means that clients can quickly start overlaying their own data in order to start to building, visualising, analysing and sharing their own GIS project. GIS-on-a-Stick was launched in March 2014 and was a winner in the inaugural Data Vic Competition. What Groundtruth say: “Because the Victorian Government has opened up this data, we have more certainty about what we can do for our clients. It gives us direct access to the source of data which means we can continue to build our product suite and ultimately broaden our client base”, Simon O’Keefe. What does the future look like? Groundtruth will continue to connect with organisations to discover how GIS-on-a-Stick can be used. “In the spirit of open data, we’ve enjoyed watching how people are using GIS-on-a-Stick – and they have even suggested ideas for using the tool which we hadn’t thought of. The possibilities are immense”, Simon O’Keefe. About Groundtruth: Groundtruth is a Melbourne based company with a mission to help organisations work smarter by making use of geospatial information in their business processes. With the belief that the use of open standards is crucial to the long-term success and sustainability of any GIS project, Groundtruth has created a number of innovative GIS tools. Over half of Victorian councils use Groundtruth software to manage their routine property data maintenance