Discover City of Melbourne Open Data

The next in the series of local government integrations, we have added data from Melbourne's new Open Data Platform.

Tuesday, 7 March 2023 at 5:15 am
Logo of City of Melbourne

The next local council integration is complete and the data is here! Melbourne is the newest addition in our plan to help people find more valuable open data.

Metadata from the City of Melbourne Open Data Platform is now refreshed daily. We have added their catalogue, currently sitting at over 200 datasets.

The City of Melbourne’s open data platform is where you can access and use a wide variety of publicly accessible council data. The platform features interactive data stories as well as tools to create visualisations.

They offer a range of historic and real-time data including:

  • Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE).
  • Population & Jobs forecasts.
  • IoT sensor activity in near real-time, including pedestrian, parking and microclimate.

By publishing this data, the City of Melbourne aims to increase transparency, improve public services and support new economic and social initiatives as well as drive innovation. The Future Melbourne Plan 2026 guides this approach through Goal 7: A deliberative city, where open data is at the core of this council priority. It supports a more efficient and transparent government and provides the diverse communities of Melbourne with tools to access our data and actively engage with us.     

If you create anything exciting with the data from City of Melbourne, make sure to let us know on Twitter! Tag us with @Data_Vic and Melbourne with #melbdata.

Check out the City of Melbourne datasets on the DataVic website.