Open data insights with MyVictoria

Victorians have more local information at their fingertips through a new, easy to use interactive website that brings together data from across Government to save people time and effort.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020 at 4:26 am
Department of Premier and Cabinet

The new MyVictoria website, brings local information such as schools, housing and rent prices, demographics, average income, public transport, infrastructure projects and more into a single website.

Through MyVictoria, Victorians can simply type in a postcode and have instant access to maps, graphs and charts of local information for whatever they need – whether it be moving home, planning to build a new home, starting a new business, or seeking to expand an existing one.

Small to medium business owners are likely to see the largest benefits of MyVictoria as it provides a free and easy to use source of information for those who are often time poor and do not have the financial means to undertake large scale market research.

MyVictoria includes 50 sets of data that traditionally existed independently of one another into a single place, so Victorians no longer have to search through multiple websites for the information they need.