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  • Vic Declared roads- suggest to add length of road

    Closed SUGGESTED 13 February 2017
    It would be useful to have the total length of the declared roads added to the declared roads data already included in your datasets. This would enable percentage of effects over total road length to be estimated.
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  • Victorian Long Term Monthly Streamflow

    Closed SUGGESTED 10 February 2017
    A list of hydrological stations with monthly streamflow values. The length of the data should stretch back prior to the 1950s. Streamflow values preferably in ML/month.
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  • Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

    Closed SUGGESTED 8 February 2017
    Structures with Low Vertical Clearance such as bridges/overpasses
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  • Commercial Lease Vacancy and Delinquencies (>90 Days)

    Closed SUGGESTED 7 February 2017
    There has been a well document situation regarding Retail/Commercial Lease vacancies and delinquencies over the past 24 months. We need a updated dataset by post code to identify affected areas and hopefully draw attention to the situation.
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  • Small Business closures by Post Code

    Closed SUGGESTED 7 February 2017
    We need to see an up to date dataset of the number of small businesses closing or who are delinquent on leases by post code. There has been a rapid increase in these case in the inner city suburbs
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  • Postcodes within Health regions

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 2 February 2017
    Can you please provide an .csv list of all of the postcodes within each of the health regions in Victoria.
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  • Property Sales, size, location and value

    Closed SUGGESTED 1 February 2017
    Could be promoted by the government as a new effort to combat housing affordability by providing transparency in the real estate market to families looking for a home. But would be much more it would contain number of bedrooms, bathrooms, land size, type of dwelling, location, sale price, date of transaction, building area etc.
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    Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Annual Prisoner and Offender numbers, by Suburb/Postcode

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 1 February 2017
    I am attempting to identify and rank suburbs/areas according to vulnerability, to help target specific services to specific areas. One of the pieces of information that would assist in this endeavor is a count of the number of prisoner (those serving a sentence in a detention facility) and offenders (those serving a sentence in the community (e.g Community Corrections Order)) per the Postcode of their home address. If possible please also include a separate count of youth prisoners and offenders.
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  • Statewide Fire Hydrants

    Closed SUGGESTED 31 January 2017
    Spatial mapping of all fire hydrants across Victoria with associated capacity, mean pressure and condition available for use within Emergency Services.
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