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  • Strata plan reference, nb of lots, physical address

    Received SUGGESTED 6 May 2016
    Our startup is developping Stratabox, a portal dedicated to enhance the experience of people involved in Strata. We aim to improve the communication, transparency and record keeping inside schemes as well as provide all parties with an appropriate level of access to communication tools and information. When users follow our signup process for their own strata scheme, they enter their address which is based on a Google address search. The address selected will then be matched in the background to the address in the database and this will automatically populate the SP number field and the number of lots field. You can check the beta version of our site at We are in the process of obtaining the same sample of data for the states of NSW and QLD.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • asthma prevalence in victorian school children, by local government area, and by individual school

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 6 May 2016
    Data to be used in an assessment of existing health of communities and impacts of a project on health, in particular asthma in children
    Data owner:
  • Land use

    Closed SUGGESTED 5 May 2016
    I need Land Use data of Brimbank City Council (BCC) in shp format for my Phd research project. BCC is my case study.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Building Permit Data - Additional info

    Closed SUGGESTED 4 May 2016
    We are looking at mapping building permits spatially. We have downloaded the permit data however it does not contain enough data to map it spatially. The street name and suburb name is included however the street number is not. Is it possible to have the street number included so we can map permits spatially? A property pfi reference would be even better.
    Data owner:
    Victorian Building Authority
  • Public drinking fountains, location and type, drinking tap or bottle refill or both.

    Closed SUGGESTED 25 April 2016
    I am a runner, and would like to plan runs around the location of public drinking fountains. If a spatial dataset were made available I could create a community website displaying the location of drinking fountains on a map. I may also create a mobile/tablet app for people to find public drinking fountains and map out running and/or riding routes.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Primary School ICSEA rating

    Closed SUGGESTED 18 April 2016 maintains the ICSEA rating of all schools in Victoria which basically depicts the Socio Economic factors that form the basis of the mix of pupils in a school. Currently, the only way to get this data is searching school by school on the website which is very time consuming. I want this data exported into CSV so that it could be plotted on a mapping software and users who are looking to live in a particular area can get an indication of the socio economic mix of people in that locality and choose to live in a area which is close to their own socio economic level.
    Data owner:
    Department of Education and Training
  • Number of Driver License holders by age, year and gender

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 12 April 2016
    I was interested in obtaining data on the number of driver license holders by age, year and gender. Data like this is available for South Australia, see this website Do you know how I could get similar data to this for Victoria, although I would preferably like it further back than 2009 – more like 2000? I am interested in quantifying modifications to the GDL in Victoria since 2000.
    Data owner:
  • Statistics for Deer-Vehicle collisions in Victoria

    Closed SUGGESTED 8 April 2016
    I am researching the frequency of road and railway accidents cause be feral Deer in Victoria. Would I be able to access the statistics detailing vehicle collisions caused by Deer in Victoria, Australia.
    Data owner:
  • Water Coorporation Management Boundaries

    Closed SUGGESTED 24 March 2016
    There doesn't seem to be a spatial dataset for the management regions of all of the Urban and Regional Water Corporations in Victoria as there is for the CMAs. Even the Corporations seem to be a bit vague as to the actual boundaries.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • Vic Emergencies data

    Received SUGGESTED 14 March 2016
    Historical versions of the data at or the CFA RSS feed would be very interesting to see. I'm scraping data out of the RSS feed at the moment but a csv upload of several years of data would be even better.
    Data owner: