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  • Postcodes within Health regions

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 2 February 2017
    Can you please provide an .csv list of all of the postcodes within each of the health regions in Victoria.
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  • Property Sales, size, location and value

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 1 February 2017
    Could be promoted by the government as a new effort to combat housing affordability by providing transparency in the real estate market to families looking for a home. But would be much more it would contain number of bedrooms, bathrooms, land size, type of dwelling, location, sale price, date of transaction, building area etc.
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  • Annual Prisoner and Offender numbers, by Suburb/Postcode

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 1 February 2017
    I am attempting to identify and rank suburbs/areas according to vulnerability, to help target specific services to specific areas. One of the pieces of information that would assist in this endeavor is a count of the number of prisoner (those serving a sentence in a detention facility) and offenders (those serving a sentence in the community (e.g Community Corrections Order)) per the Postcode of their home address. If possible please also include a separate count of youth prisoners and offenders.
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  • Statewide Fire Hydrants

    Closed SUGGESTED 31 January 2017
    Spatial mapping of all fire hydrants across Victoria with associated capacity, mean pressure and condition available for use within Emergency Services.
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  • Traffic Camera Locations, real-time volumes of vehicles passing & if possible access to feeds

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 9 January 2017
    I am a Data Scientist and would like to use the camera feeds or volumes of vehicles passing by to build a traffic monitoring tool based on OpenCV Libraries
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  • Goulburn Murray Streamway Gauge Levels

    Closed SUGGESTED 24 December 2016
    Goulburn Murray water provide a javascript interface to have a look at their water storage levels and streamway gauge flowrates and river levels here: This is not machine readable and precludes you from directly accessing any sites location. It would be nice to have the most recent readings as a simple, quick-updating CSV file, that allows for analysis and data manipulation.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • DELWP Gauge river levels

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 24 December 2016
    DELWP own a large amount of Streamway water gauges around the state. While you can download past records of river levels from There is no way to have a look at current water levels. Especially not with a computer. The nicest way of presenting this would be a computer readable csv, that is updated hourly, (failing that, something similar to this: ""
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • Cancer clusters

    Closed SUGGESTED 12 December 2016
    Would be possible to gather skins cancers counts (incidents) by LGA in the state of Victoria. I was planning to put together some engaging GIS visuals to post on public domains (i.e. linkedin, facebook etc).
    Data owner:
    Department of Health and Human Services
  • Population by post code

    Closed SUGGESTED 9 December 2016
    Each month the VEC republishes a "locality finder .xls" spreadsheet with the population in each post code. there older version are not stored. can the data be available by each month like the does via the federal government gazette. It would help local area population analysis at the suburb / post-code level
    Data owner:
    Victorian Electoral Commission
  • Residential Property Sales

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 3 December 2016
    Transparency in the real estate market would be significantly improved if the actual sales were available from the government on at least a monthly basis with this data broken down by suburb and key property feature (i.e. number of bedrooms, land size, type of dwelling, etc) Currently, the monopoly on data access restricts end user use and visibility of sales statistics and properties on a per suburb basis to that which they either pay for through 3rd party data providers or real estate agents.
    Data owner:
    Department of Treasury and Finance