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  • Vehicle registration details, such as vehicle type, make, model, year, VIN, colour, etc. should be made available to the public

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 6 October 2016
    Vehicle registration details, such as vehicle type, make, model, year, VIN, colour, etc. should be made available to the public in dataset form. It is already possible to manually search for individual vehicle registrations on, but this web interface is designed for humans and is not useful for data analysis.
    Data owner:
  • Electricity distribution zones and substation catchment zones

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 25 September 2016
    Opening this dataset would allow 3rd party developers to build apps that route users to the appropriate distributors for their electricity infrastructure queries (cables on the ground, broken street lights, streamlined solar PV connection request, ...) by using GPS location instead of typing their entire address, an easy win for distributors and the public. The current closest service offered is an online address search and map (raster) on . This request is for the publication of the vector version of this dataset (any of GeoJSON, MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefile). Also, the substation catchment zones would allow reconciliation with the required yearly release of zone substation data. At the moment, the zone substation data reports lack geographic context to be truly useful and cross-referenced with other geo-based datasets.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
  • Off-street parking permitted by VicRoads

    Closed SUGGESTED 14 September 2016
    I need the dataset having the information regarding the off-street parking permitted by VicRoads across all suburbs in Victoria.
    Data owner:
  • Vehicle registration and VIN details

    Review in progress SUGGESTED 2 September 2016
    we as a company is developing a tool for online booking for automotive industry. The above data for Victoria is necessary to complete our tool. This tool will help the people of Victoria to makes easy to maintain and schedule repair work of the vehicle which they will find uncomfortable information to look for.
    Data owner:
  • Requiring dataset about cultural events happening in Melbourne.

    Closed SUGGESTED 1 September 2016 This was the link that had details of events happening in Melbourne. But there are no downloadable contents. We need this dataset as we are doing a project in Monash as part of our final semester assessment. We are trying to show the cultural spread in Melbourne and how events can help new-comers to visit these events. Please do help us.
    Data owner:
    Births Deaths and Marriages
  • Working with Children checks

    Closed SUGGESTED 16 August 2016
    Is it possible to create an API so that organisations can submit their lists of WWC card numbers on a daily basis, e.g every night, to make sure that everyone is fully compliant at all times?
    Data owner:
    Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lorne area dwg contours and property

    Closed SUGGESTED 8 August 2016
    Required 5m contours and property outlines as a dwg file. for thesis project
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • API access to confirm liquor licenses

    Closed SUGGESTED 22 July 2016
    We have clients who are wine distributors and producers, and it would be great if we could automatically validate retail customers via their liquor license when they fill in their online account application forms.
    Data owner:
  • Deer Hunting Areas within Victoria

    Escalated to Data Owner SUGGESTED 19 July 2016
    An electronic file of the Deer Hunting zones/areas located within Victoria. It will enable Hunters to Upload to a GPS and ensure they do not enter restricted areas.
    Data owner:
    Game Management Authority
  • upper beconsfield gold feild map/claims

    Closed SUGGESTED 16 July 2016
    Local forgotton history of victoria past gold rush.
    Data owner:
    Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning