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Trip Risk - How safe is your commute?

Submitted by Janet Horwell on Thursday, 09th October - 20.24.
Contact name Janet Horwell
Type of submission application
Description of app Company: Geoplex.

Product: A responsive website where users can visualise pedestrian, bicycle and car crash hotspots along selected road routes in Victoria.

Dataset used: VicRoads historical crash data.

From dataset to development:
Trip Risk was built over a few months. It started as a hack day project and the potential was identified in sharing the data with the community and building it into a responsive site.

Who will use it?
Anyone can access Trip Risk to visualise their trip to work or school and understand the data of high crash zones for themselves.

How does it work?
Geoplex has integrated mapping tool CartoDB with VicRoads historical data on accidents to build the intuitive and responsive website TripRisk. By plotting common travel routes by car, bike or walking, users can gain a personal understanding of the travel risks along their selected routes.

Geoplex used the MapQuest routing API, Google Charts, and the Nokia Here geocoding service to create Trip Risk along with an AngluarJS framework. The CartoDB SQL API allowed the combination of data from each of these services.

Evan Quick, Director Information Access at VicRoads said, “The Trip Risk team has managed to take this data and turn it into an application that makes road safety issues visible to everyone.”

Trip Risk also provides an important service for the community by highlighting areas which may need road maintenance or an intersection redesign to help reduce crash numbers.

Trip Risk was a winner in the inaugural Data Vic Competition in March 2014.

What does the future for Trip Risk look like?
Trip Risk currently uses Victorian data, but in the future it may include crash statistics from other Australian states. There has also been interest in the product internationally.

About Geoplex:
Geoplex are specialists in the collation, transformation, analysis and presentation of spatial data. They create products to visualise data, drive competitive advantage and solve business problems.

“Our vision for TripRisk is to get people to ask questions, be curious, and recognise the benefit of knowledge sharing through open data” Geoplex.
Platform built for Web
Price free
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Status Production release