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  • Open Data Companion (ODC)

    Utopia Software30 September 2015

    Open Data Companion (ODC) is a productivity tool which provides a unified access point to over 120 open data portals and thousands of datasets from around the world; right from your mobile device. Crafted with mobile-optimised features and design, this is an easy and convenient way to find, access and share open data. Open Data Companion provides a framework for all State, Regional, National and Worldwide CKAN open data portals to deliver open data to all mobile users. Use Open Data Companion to browse, share and download all datasets present on Data.Vic portal right from your mobile device. To set up the app to access the Data.Vic portal, search for "Victoria" during the app set up. APP FEATURES: * Browse datasets from over 120 data portals around the world by categories (including Data.Vic) * Receive push notifications when new datasets are available from Data.Vic * Download and view data records (resources) on your mobile device (as supported by data portal) * Preview dataset records and create data visualisations in app before download (as supported by data portal) * Bookmark/save datasets for later viewing * “Favourite” your data portals for future easy access. * Sync your app data (bookmarks, favourites & settings) securely to your Google Drive and restore it to any device at anytime. * Share links to datasets on social media, email, sms etc. right from the app. * In-app tutorial videos designed to help you quickly get productive with the app. Tutorial videos are available offline once downloaded.

  • Go Melbourne Train Timetable

    Aidan Steele 09 January 2015

    Company: Glass Echidna Dataset used: PTV API Timeframe from data set to development: Roughly one month working on it sporadically. Product: GO is a simple app available on Apple iTunes and Google Play to let people in Melbourne know when their next train is leaving. Who can use it? Victorian train users travelling from the same point A to point B each day. What does it do? GO features: • The latest departure and arrival times • The next departure time as a "Today" extension • Swipe up to see a more detailed timetable • On opening the app, the users GPS location sets the closest saved route • Background colour changes based upon the time remaining The app has a number of intuitive features such as anticipating which trip you’re likely to take based on your current location. It can also work offline so there is no need for the user to use their mobile data (except when updating timetables). A recent update also allows users to see when the next train is coming without having to unlock their phone. What users say: Great app and simple interface – David The android app works really nicely - Fiona Nice app. Clean and simple to use – James What Aidan says: It was quite lucky actually – I had been thinking about creating an app of some kind and was browsing and found that the PTV API had just been released. The data was simple to use, once I accommodated for it being released as a Word document. The data was excellent and making the app was quite straightforward. What does the future hold for Go and for Glass Echidna? Aidan is continuing to look for new opportunities for using Victorian Government data. He is also hoping to expand and improve on certain features within the GO app based on user feedback such as train platform information. About Glass Echidna Glass Echidna is a boutique Melbourne-based software development house and IT consultancy which creates intuitive and engaging software.