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location of registered pharmacies

I have contacted the Victorian Pharmacy Authority who maintain and update the Register of Pharmacies in Victoria. The Authority can only provide a spreadsheet but does not have a mapbase to display where the registered pharmacies are located. In the various applications, to VPA and/or the Federal Government body, for new or relocated pharmacies there is often a requirement to demonstrate where the nearest existing pharmaciesare relative the proposed pharmacy. I believe the industry and the community would benefit from this basic dataset. I have attached the following extract from the VPA website: " The Victorian Pharmacy Authority is established under the Pharmacy Regulation Act 2010 (the Act) and is the successor in law to the Pharmacy Board of Victoria. It is responsible for administration of the Act which provides for the regulation of pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments and pharmacy depots. The Authority The Authority consists of six members nominated by the Minister for Health and appointed by the Governor in Council. Our Function The Authority has the following functions: (a) to license a person to carry on a pharmacy business or a pharmacy department; (b) to register the premises of a pharmacy business, pharmacy department or pharmacy depot; (c) to issue standards in relation to the operation of pharmacies, pharmacy businesses, pharmacy departments and pharmacy depots; (d) to advise the Minister on any matters relating to its functions; (e) when so requested by the Minister, to give to the Minister any information reasonably required by the Minister; (f) to keep a public register; (g) any other function conferred on the Authority by or under the Act or any other Act. Assisting Pharmacists The Authority will provide information for licensees and pharmacists practising in registered premises to assist them in their practice and compliance with legislation.

Date submitted 05/09/2017
Data owner Department of Health and Human Services
Status Escalated to Data Owner

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