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GovHack Challenge 2017 - Traffic condition information for consumption and dissemination

Submitted by Data.Vic Team on Friday, 28th July - 9.01.


Challenge owner - VicRoads

The lack of availability of traffic condition information for consumption and dissemination by data aggregators and information brokers to ensure road network users can access journey planning and decision making information is impacting the ability of Melbournians to retain and enhance their quality of life.

This also impacts Melbourne's reputation as a productive and attractive global city as network reliability and productivity are also impacted. The key theme which underpins supporting integrated transport choices was the need for a single authoritative source for full travel information that the key stakeholders can access. While there are many third party sources (e.g. Google / Apple Maps, which supply certain elements of related information, there is still an unfulfilled service demand for a more holistic solution.

Can a pre-trip journey planner be designed to provide the public with options for determining the optimal means of travelling between two or more given locations, using one or more transport mode/s including public transport car, pedestrian and bicycle routing and taking into account user preferences and constraints? Could it taken into account user preferences and constraints may include desired transport mode/s, time and/or date of travel, for cars the user may choose tolls , for bicycles the user may choose either shortest path or avoiding traffic?

VicRoads Data

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