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Electricity distribution zones and substation catchment zones

Opening this dataset would allow 3rd party developers to build apps that route users to the appropriate distributors for their electricity infrastructure queries (cables on the ground, broken street lights, streamlined solar PV connection request, ...) by using GPS location instead of typing their entire address, an easy win for distributors and the public. The current closest service offered is an online address search and map (raster) on . This request is for the publication of the vector version of this dataset (any of GeoJSON, MapInfo TAB, ESRI shapefile). Also, the substation catchment zones would allow reconciliation with the required yearly release of zone substation data. At the moment, the zone substation data reports lack geographic context to be truly useful and cross-referenced with other geo-based datasets.

Date submitted 25/09/2016
Data owner Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
Status Review in progress

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