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GovHack 2016- Wilsons Promontory

Submitted on Wednesday, 27th July - 7.59.
This is a challenge for GovHack 2016. Entry details on  Hackerspace from 7.00pm Friday 29  July 2016

The Challenge

How might we create a more interactive experience for visitors to Wilsons Promontory

We would like to enhance the experience of park users at Wilsons Promontory and create opportunities for visitors to share their experiences of the park to inspire other visitors.

We want to encourage people online to get offline. How can we help people get the very best experience from their visit to Wilsons Promontory?

This may include:

  • Sharing seasonal sightings of terrestrial and marine species – (whales through winter, orchids and wildflowers in Spring, birds in summer, historical photos etc.

  • Habitat monitoring information for park managers

  • Information (or a tour) on the amazing underwater marine habitat in the Marine National Park

  • What would I expect to see when in the park in any given month?

  • What can I do in the park if I have a couple of hours, half a day, a day, a few days, an extended trip?

  • Which walks/activities are best to do if I have small children, elderly relatives, use a wheelchair, are vision impaired, an experienced hiker, visiting in winter, visiting on a very hot or windy day, etc.?

  • What is the topography of the walk/activity I plan to do – how difficult will it be, what will I see?

  • What are the accommodation options and costs? How do I book?

  • How can I minimise my impact on the environment? How can I give back to the park?

  • How can I be safe whilst exploring the park?

  • Are there any organised activities happening in the park when I plan to visit?

  • Where is the nearest fuel supply, supermarket, restaurant, etc.?

  • How can I engage with the park? PokemonGo with real world critters?

What are we attempting to achieve?

Increasing the level of interaction by visitors through documenting and reporting their experiences and sightings could greatly assist park managers in habitat monitoring and assist in the education of a wider visitor audience of the unique values of the park.

Increasing the availability of information available to visitors, pre-visit and in-park, to help them plan their experience could reduce the demand on visitor centre staff in peak season. It would also mean that more visitors are aware of the diverse experiences available to them in the park, their responsibilities (e.g. no dogs, no walking off track, etc.) and how to stay safe.

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