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GovHack 2016- Vicmap Features of Interest

Submitted on Wednesday, 27th July - 7.46.

This is a challenge for GovHack 2016. Entry details on  Hackerspace from 7.00pm Friday 29  July 2016

The Challenge

How might we expand use of the Vicmap Features of Interest to enable easy locatation of facilities?

The aim of this challenge is to enable the  community to access the wealth of information available through the Vicmap Features of Interests data set.

Vicmap Features of Interest provides a dynamic database of features and sub features and a feature catalogue has been developed to complement this database.

It includes features such as education centres,community venues, care & emergency facilities power lines,power facilities,locality points,towers and landmarks.

Key customers are utilities, a broad variety of business, government departments and agencies and the emergency services.

What are we attempting to achieve?

Doing this well will unlock the data that is held in the Features of Interest data to enhance the lives of Victorians and visitors to Victorians.

Case study 1: Assists with infrastructure planning
Planners designing the community needs for services such as lifesaving clubs, aquatic centres, maternal and child-care centres, scout camps, etc can use Features of Interest overlaid over the Imagery, Transport, Property and Address Vicmap products. This can be mixed with council, utility, census data such as population, ethnicity, education, family, income, labour force, and dwelling characteristics to best locate and administer each service.

Case study 2: Linking your business intelligence with the community

A large publishing house of educational text books will use the schools ‘education centre’ feature to link to individual schools, their location and population. This spatial relationship will aid ordering of these books. This can also be linked with other business information to assist logistics including delivery, routing, invoicing and follow up with each school.

Featured Data

Vicmap-Features of Interest


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