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List of properties that have a rental bond lodged.

The primary use of this data extract is to assist home lenders to comply with the requirement to price, and manage the growth of, residential investment loans. If this is achieved it will result in an increased focus on the growth, and funding, of owner occupied housing. Key to this compliance regime is the allocation of current mortgage portfolios to either ‘Owner Occupier’ or ‘Investment’ loan. Historically this distinction was not important as the management of a home loan portfolio was based around risk assessment and risk management. In requesting this extract CoreLogic is committed to maintaining, and protecting, the privacy of individuals. CoreLogic will not append an occupant’s details from any other source to this database To achieve the goal of increasing the focus on owner occupier housing loans and taking some of the ‘heat’ out of the residential property market, particularly to benefit first home buyers, the major lenders must have a more accurate, and dynamic, source of data to assist in understanding their current home loan portfolios. The APRA guidelines are based around the percentage of lending for owner occupier versus investment. Feedback from the major lending institutions is that accurately defining the purpose of their existing mortgage portfolios is a significant hurdle to the market realising the benefits that the guidelines are intended to deliver. The data requested in this document would enable, at least for the Victorian, mortgage lenders to comply with the APRA guidelines and deliver the intended economic benefits to the market. A more complete submission can be provided to provide greater detail on this request.

Date submitted 11/01/2016
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Status Review in progress

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