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VWA/WorkSafe List of Reported Incidents

Every fortnight the Victorian WorkCover Authority (WorkSafe Vic) publishes a list of 'Reported Incidents' for the construction, utilities and quarrying industries. Each fortnightly list gives anonymized data consisting of the date, locality, injury description (keywords), and incident summary (approx. 1 paragraph) of various OH&S reportable incidents. The most recent (August 20th) listing is available at: This list is available via the "Safety Soapbox" newsletter (such as: Safety Soapbox is a public publication, available to anyone whom wishes to subscribe - past issues are also archived on the WorkSafe website: The Safety SoapBox articles have contained the list of reported incidents since August 2010: This data, which at present is in PDFs designed for humans and not software viewing, is valuable for insights into worker injury and incidents in the construction, utilities and quarrying industries. Furthermore, VWA/WorkSafe should have similar data from other inspected industries - it would be very useful for both community, research AND business purposes for this to be published more openly. It appears most 'WorkSafe' datasets are owned by the Department of Treasury and Finance. I would humbly request that this data be extracted into a machine-readable format and posted as a publicly available dataset.

Categories Health
Date submitted 03/09/2015
Data owner Department of Treasury and Finance
Status Escalated to Data Owner

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