Data request record

VicMap Features of Interest

The following is part of the VM_FEAT dataset, but is not yet available on VMFEAT_FOI_INDEX_CENTROID VMFEAT_FOI_INDEX_EXTENT VMFEAT_FOI_LINE VMFEAT_FOI_POINT VMFEAT_FOI_POLYGON Could the above be added as well or the whole dataset is available as one package. The following is part of the VM_FEAT Dataset and is already available on VMFEAT_LOCALITY_POINT VMFEAT_BUILDING_POINT VMFEAT_BUILDING_POLY PL_PLACE_AREA_POLYGON GEO_AREA_HYDRO_LABEL GEO_AREA_RELIEF_LABEL GEO_POINT_RELIEF_LABEL GNR

Categories Spatial data
Date submitted 12/08/2015
Data owner Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Status Closed
Outcome Publication approved

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