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Planning Scheme, Zone and Overlay by Poperty Address

A consolidated dataset that provides the ability understand which Planning Scheme, Zone and Overlay a specific address is subject to. This data is somewhat available across VicMap Property, VicMap Planning and VicMap Address, however at a raw data level (as opposed to viewing the Shapefile) I cannot build a query that can join the Scheme (LGA_CODE, LGA), Zone (ZONE_CODE) and Overlay (ZONE_CODE) to a specific address (PFI or PR_PFI). VMADD_ADDRESS/ suggests that it is linked to VMPROP through a property_pfi link. However, how can I join the address (PFI or PR_PFI) to the associated VMPLAN_PLAN_ZONE/ and VMPLAN_PLAN_OVERLAY/ records? Do not necessarily want it limited to these columns as there is likely other valuable attributes that would fit into this context. I apologise if my analysis is missing how I can determine the Scheme, Zone and Overlay for a specific property address. Loading these GIS systems enables me to do this however I need to be able to achieve this from the raw data itself.

Categories Planning
Date submitted 21/07/2015
Data owner Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
Status Closed

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