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Transport – PTV Timetable API Release Sets New High

Submitted on Friday, 14th March - 15.10.

Information updates will be posted on Data.Vic as and when they are received. 

The recent release of the PTV Timetable API has, not surprisingly, created the highest level of interest and activity for a single data release on Data.Vic.

In the 7 days since the release of the API data record we have seen:

  • Over 3500 data record page views
  • More than 700 downloads of the API document, and
  • Close to 100 API key requests

The popularity and power of transport data across the globe is indisputable. The Data.Vic site analytics for the PTV API prove that Victoria is no exception. Transport data, and the third party apps built from it, is the most effective and practical example of government data re-use.

It has been interesting to see the reaction to the release of the API in the flurry of conversations and comments on both Data.Vic and across social media. The general sentiment has been positive and welcoming of the release. There has been some discussion over options, including GTFS, and requests for database dumps. All comments and suggestions received are passed onto PTV for review.

PTV advise that other popular formats will follow. This initial release of timetable data via the PTV API allows for content to be created, updated and automatically released across multiple channels and complies with the Governments DataVic Access policy. The API file format is recognised globally as being the best format for releasing timetable data as it changes. PTV has advised that a major upgrade to their timetable management platform is underway to improve efficiencies and data administration. This will result in other data delivery options being made available, including GTFS.

Information updates will be posted on Data.Vic as and when they are received. 

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