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BART App - Broadcast Alert Response Technology

Submitted by Timothy Miller on Friday, 10th October - 0.10.
Contact name Timothy Miller
Type of submission application
Description of app Company:
Emerg Solutions.

BART is a multi-device solution that provides a vital channel for volunteers to receive important data sources and communication streams.

Dataset used:
The Fire Installations Dataset from DataVic.

Who will use it?
CFA and SES volunteers, members of Rural Ambulance Victoria, the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, and the Department of Environment and Primary Industry.

What does it do?
Complimentary to the Pager Network, BART lets approved users to receive their EAS pager messages via BART. This allows for mapping and responses on an incident level, including the convenience of having the messages delivered directly to smartphones via push notification, SMS and email.

Bringing a targeted range of information streams together through the use of mapping and spatial data, BART facilitates stronger communication, safer working environments, quicker response times and a range of other benefits specific to incident management and response.

The main features of BART include:
• a pager message feed (for approved users),
• rostering
• availability and attendance functionality
• qualifications and member contact details
• message centre
• integrated public incident feeds
• station platform and ETAs.

BART was a winner in the inaugural Data Vic Competition in March 2014.

What does BART say?
“The process to request and download the Datasets from DataVic was easy. With this data we were able to quickly add another dimension to our solution by providing valuable information to Emergency Services.”

About Emerg Solutions:
Emerg Solutions is a wholly Australian owned company, operating within the Australian technology industry since the 1980s. It has established itself as an internationally operating information and communications technology provider.
Platform built for Web
Price free
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Category Communication
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Status Production release
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