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  • Fishermans Bend groundwater studies 2015–2017

    Field (physical, chemical) measurements, laboratory analytical results and spatial data for groundwater investigations from 2015 to 2017
  • EPA Victoria Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zones (GQRUZ) Popular

    Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zones (GQRUZ) are areas where the quality of groundwater may not be suitable for certain uses (e.g. drinking), if extracted via a groundwater bore.
  • EPA Victoria 2014-15 performance data

    Statistics and key performance indicators relating to environment protection for the 2014-15 financial year.
  • EPA Audit Reports

    EPA searchable list of properties issued with a certificate or statement of environmental audit in accordance with the Environment Protection Act. Users can search by municipality, suburb or town, postcode, company name or audit category.
  • EPA Post Closure Pollution Abatement Notices

    A Post Closure Pollution Abatement Notice (PCPAN) is a formal Notice issued by EPA on the responsible party to ensure the former landfill is properly managed. If managed poorly, landfills can pose a significant risk to the environment for ...
  • EPA Remedial Notices

    A Remedial Notice is a written statutory direction that requires, by law, that a Nptoce recipient undertakes works or activities as detailed in the Notice. Remedial Notices are used to remedy non-compliance or likely non-compliance with ...
  • EPA Industrial Waste Database (IWDB)

    Search for prescribed industrial waste (PIW) treaters, disposers and permitted transporters.  Prescribed Industrial Wastes are wastes which may be hazardous or dangerous to the environment, or our own well-being and need to be properly ...