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This dataset series contains polygon features delineating key Victorian administrative boundaries. It comprises several data sets and is part of the Vicmap suite of products. Datasets in the series are listed below. See their individual metadata entries for more product specific metadata.

Local Government Area Boundaries - LGA_POLYGON (aligned to Property); Local Government Area Boundaries - AD_LGA_AREA_POLYGON (aligned to Topo);

Locality Boundaries - LOCALITY_POLYGON (aligned to Property): Locality Boundaries - AD_LOCALITY_AREA_POLYGON (aligned to Topo);

Postcode Boundaries - POSTCODE_POLYGON (aligned to Property);

Parish Boundaries - PARISH_POLYGON;

Township Boundaries - TOWNSHIP_POLYGON;

Victorian Lower House Electoral Boundaries 2013 - STATE_ASSEMBLY_2013;

Victorian Upper House Electoral Boundaries 2013 - STATE_COUNCIL_2013;

Ward Boundaries (Property) - WARD_2017

Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries - VICGOV_REGION (aligned to Property); Victorian Government Regional Departmental Boundaries - AD_VICGOV_REGION (aligned to Topo);

Dept of Environment, Land, Water and Planning - DELWP_REGION (aligned to Topo);

Country Fire Authority (CFA) District Boundaries - CFA_DISTRICT; Country Fire Authority (CFA) Region Boundaries - CFA_REGION; Country Fire Authority (CFA) Total Fire Ban Districts - CFA_TFB_DISTRICT.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade - MFB_REGION Metropolitan Fire Brigade - MFB_DISTRICT

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Additional information

Field Value
Date Published 1999-01-01
Date Updated 2018-12-31
Agency Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
[Open Data]
Citation Copyright © The State of Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning 2019
Attribution Copyright © The State of Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning 2019
Data Temporal Coverage: 1999-01-01 to 2019-12-31
Geospatial Coverage 141,-39,150,-34
Geospatial Scale 1:25,000
Geospatial Accuracy For this product attribute accuracy ranges between a 1% to 5% error. For this product attribute accuracy is a measure of the degree to which features and attribute values of spatial objects agree with the information on the source material. The planimetric accuracy attainable will be the sum of errors from three sources: the positional accuracy of the source material, errors due to the conversion process, errors due to the manipulation process. For topographic base derived data this calculation represents an error of 8.3m on the ground for 1:25,000 data. A conservative estimate of 10m for the standard deviation will be used in any data quality information. Alternate and equal ways of expressing this error are: not more than 10% of well-defined points will be in error by more than 16 m. The worst case error for the data is +/- 30 m. For vertical positional accuracy of points determined from contours there is an expectation that the elevation accuracy (standard deviation) will be half the value of the contour interval.
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