PTV Metro Bus Routes

This layer depicts a spatial object (polyline) representing metropolitan bus routes. This dataset includes TeleBus routes. Each polylines represents a unique route variation. Each bus route has attributes that describe route, trip headsign (direction), route length, first/last stop, number of stops and operator name. The data has been generated from the PTV GTFS data with extra attributes from PTV's TransNet database. This dataset supersedes "PTV_BUS_ROUTE_METRO" (which included metro bus routes, night bus routes and sky bus route). This dataset was first loaded into the VSDL in March 2018 and will be updated approximately quarterly.

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PTV Metro Bus Routes

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Additional information

Field Value
Date Published 2018-03-23
Date Updated 2018-12-31
Agency Public Transport Victoria
License Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
[Open Data]
Citation Copyright © The State of Victoria, Public Transport Victoria 2019
Attribution Copyright © The State of Victoria, Public Transport Victoria 2019
Data Temporal Coverage: 2018-03-01 to 2019-12-31
Geospatial Coverage 140.501,-39.137,150.068,-33.0
Geospatial Scale 1:500
Geospatial Accuracy Not Applicable This data was generated from GTFS data. Some spatial inaccurancies may exist.
Full Metadata URL