Public Land Management (PLM25) Generalised

This dataset is based on the VMPROP.V_PARCEL_MP_CROWN_APPROVED dataset with land management information on LCC recs, on ground management, land manager, reserve information and legal information. PLMGEN is from the PLM25 suite of datasets.

The PLMGEN dataset is a derived view of PLM25 where the spatial and attribute information has been generalised. It is to be used at 1:100,000 scale. This dataset has been simplified, in that only the name field, labelling, management categories and land manager information is shown. All other fields shown in PLM25 are dropped. The data has also been dissolved to reduce the number of polygons.

This dataset was released in May 2011. This dataset contains some errors, so it should be used with caution.

PLM25 and PLMGEN have replaced the obsolete PLM100 datasets.

A PLMPUB dataset which will be available for the general public will be created at a later date. A VMLite version will also be created at a later date.

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Public Land Management (PLM25) Generalised

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Additional information

Field Value
Date Published 2014-08-01
Geospatial Coverage 140.9,-39.15,150.0,-34.0
Geospatial Scale 1:25,000 and 1:100,000
Geospatial Accuracy Polygons are derived from multiple sources: - Vicmap parcels (1:2,500 - 1:25,000) - Digital certified plan boundaries for areas recently scheduled under the National Parks Act 1975 at (1:25,000) - Boundaries digitised by the Parks and Protected Areas Branch (based on 1:25,000 topography) - PLM100_POLYGON (1:100,000) CL_Tenure polygons Data provided by Parks Victoria for Port Phillip
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